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Ernest C. Hickson

Ernest C. Hikcson

Ernest has a B.S. in Business administration from USC and in addition to Graduate work in Finance at UCLA, attended both Dartmouth and Stanford sessions of Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management while an officer of Union Bank. He also was the Senior Credit Officer for Commercial Banks in Orange County and Honolulu. Including his banking background, he has over 40 years of experience in the real estate business including the ownership of two RE development organizations including Shelter Corporation which was merged into a NYSE company. He subsequently formed an REIT (NYSE) which was sold to an eastern bank. He then became the EVP of Sonnenblick Goldman Corp. and managed their Pacific Basin office. In the 1990’s he owned TMF Financial Corp, the 2nd largest Mortgage Company in Orange County before forming TMH Resources of which TMH Capital Inc. is a General Partner. TMH Resources, a Real Estate Investment Banker, main activity is raising equity funds including Initial Public Offerings (IPO’S), Merger and acquisitions (M&A’s) and Joint Ventures. He was a consultant for Wells Fargo Bank arranging JV’s between the bank and major builders to form Mortgage Companies. Ernest is a veteran of The Korean War where he was NCOIC of an Intelligence Unit for SAC.