Real Estate and Financial Services Professionals

Debt Restructuring/Advisory Services

Through a strategic relationship, we are actively representing borrowers in the modification, extension or discounted payoff of CMBS loans. Our experience in the specialized regulatory requirements and approval process that must be carefully navigated when restructuring CMBS loans is deep and unique. These efforts are designed for borrower clients with sub-performing commercial properties which are unable to meet monthly debt service or to be refinanced at maturity. Our special servicer relationships and access are maintained through personnel exclusively dedicated to this specialized loan workout practice, and through our partner’s primary servicing relationships, we have the ability and resources to raise the necessary capital to complete a recapitalization of your project.

Loan resolution strategies include:

  • Maturity extension/ forbearance of covenants
  • Interest rate/prepayment premium relief
  • Recapitalization and subordination of a portion of senior debt (A/B Note)
  • Debt forgiveness in connection with discounted pay-off or sale of Note
  • Suspension of amortization (Interest Only)
  • Foreclosure or deed-in-lieu

Industry Presence:

As an S&P rated servicer of a $5B/800 loan portfolio, and through its role as Primary Servicer on CMBS loans, our partner maintains continual contact and direct interaction with the decision makers within the Master and Special Servicing shops who oversee the $800B CMBS market.